HVAC Repair

Is your HVAC unit on the fritz? When your AC isn’t working properly, it can make you hot under the collar – and everywhere else. If you want fast relief from the heat, call E.F. Martin Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for air conditioning repairs and maintenance in Columbia, SC.

When you call for service, we’ll send a technician to your home or workplace to diagnose the problem. Once we determine what’s wrong, we’ll check on the availability of any needed parts and quote you a price. Then we’ll get your AC repair taken care of as soon as possible. 
Schedule your AC repair today by calling us at 803-799-1717. 

Repair or Replacement

If the AC repair or replacement part is going to be expensive, replacing the unit with a new one might be your best option. Sometimes older units need a replacement part that’s no longer available. In such cases, we’ll replace your unit with a new, more efficient system. 

Taking care of your needs is always our top priority, so our technicians will be sure to explain all of your options. Call E.F. Martin Mechanical Contractors to schedule your furnace or AC repair, and cool off quickly in Columbia, SC.

We Provide Prompt Service

Our primary goal is to make sure that your HVAC system continues to run smoothly and keep you cool throughout the summer. We know how expensive air conditioning units cost which is why our HVAC contractors will always try to repair the unit if possible. However, if repairs do not prove to be cost-effective then it might be time to look into an HVAC replacement

Reach out to E.F. Martin Mechanical in Columbia, South Carolina today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair or replacement services!

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